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Online banking has never been easier. Log into our easy to use online banking platform from your computer to take care of your account needs from anywhere.

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First Time user

Create an online profile to access your account online or on a mobile device.
Create Online Access

Manage Your Accounts

Manage your accounts and view transaction histories. Make transfers and schedule transfers.

Transfer funds between accounts

Quickly and easily transfer money from your accounts

Make Loan Payments

Manage your loan payments from your smartphone or tablet device.

Secure and Safe

Encrypted for your security, even if your phone or tablet is lost or stolen

Your online banking is protected with a two-factor authentication. You are able to indicate if the device you are using is a trusted device so that after you have successfully verified you are the account holder you will only need to remember your username and password.

Having issues troubleshooting? Watch the video to learn how to troubleshoot your issue.

Person to Person Transfer

Strata Credit Union offers person to person transfer even if the recipient does not bank at Strata Credit Union



If this is your first time accessing your account online you will need to make an online profile by verifying information that we have on file. You don’t need to come into a branch or call our call center to do this. Just go to

If you forget your login name you can call our call center and after we verify your identity we can share your login name over the phone.

If you are not sure if you are using the correct password you are able to reset your password by clicking the link right below the login fields. You will need to do this before 5 failed attempts of logging into your account. After 5 failed attempts our system will lock your account for your safety. You will need to call us or come into a branch to unlock your account.

In order to verify with two factor authentications we text, email, or call you based on information we have on file for you. For example if we have your mobile phone number on file we can send you a text message (sms) or call your phone through an automated system. You will receive a 6 digit number that you will use to verify yourself as the second form of identification. The 6 digit number will be typed in the field called Secured Access Code. This is the screen following after you submit your login name and password correctly.

Secure Access Codes expire after 24 hours. If you request a new secure access code the previous one will expire. Only one secure access code is valid at a time.

To troubleshoot login issue please watch this tutorial –

If you are locked out of your account no more submissions will be accepted. You will need to call our call center or come to a branch in person to verify your identity and unlock your account. If you have forgotten your password and you are locked out we are able to set a temporary password for you. You will be asked to create a new secure password after you have successfully logged in with the temporary password.

There is a reset password link below the login screen that can reset your password for you. Follow the prompts to reset your password

The link you clicked will take you to one of our partner websites. We don’t control the content of our partner sites. Please review their Privacy Policy as it may differ from our Privacy Policy. We hope you found the information you were looking for from Strata Credit Union.

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