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More than just a status symbol, your Mastercard® credit card affords the flexibility to pay for what you need, when you need it.


Each of our cards has benefits depending on your unique situation.

No Annual Fees

All of our credit cards come with no annual fees

Competitive Rates

We provide competitive industry rates when you apply for your credit card today


Choose our platinum rewards card and start earning points today.

Compare Credit Cards

  • Best if you want

    Best if you want

  • No Annual Fee

    No Annual Fee

  • Interest Rate (APR)

    Interest Rate (APR)

  • Cash Advance (APR)

    Cash Advance (APR)

Platinum – no rewards

  • Best if you want

    A classic credit card to help build your credit history or for future purchases.

  • No Annual Fee

  • Interest Rate (APR)


  • Cash Advance (APR)


Platinum with Rewards

  • Best if you want

    A credit card with rewards. The more you use your credit card the more reward points you can build up.

  • No Annual Fee

  • Interest Rate (APR)


  • Cash Advance (APR)


Easy Repayment Plans

Pay Online

Transfer money straight from your basic or rewards checking Account or ACH transaction through your preferred financial institution

Minimum payments designed to keep you out of debt

Our minimum payments are slightly higher than industry average so you aren’t paying off a balance for 10 years. As a credit union we want to help our members maintain good credit not get stuck in debt traps.

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Credit card Payments can be sent:

In the mail

Over the phone

By transfer from Strata Credit Union account in Online Banking or from any financial institution by accessing your credit card in online banking and making a payment there.


A Credit Card account is a loan which may be paid back monthly or in full as you use it. A Debit Card uses funds that are available in your Checking Account

With online banking you can set up external transfers while within online banking. Sign into online banking and select “Add External Accounts” in the left navigation. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the link between our online banking and your other financial institution.

external accounts

Part of the process will be to verify micro-transactions sent to the external account you indicated to ensure the connection is secure and successful. After you have successfully finished verifying you will be able to transfer money to make your loan payment from within Online Banking.

We no longer offer secured credit cards. An alternative we provide to build credit is our Credit Builder Loan.  We have seen more success in regard to credit building through this loan type as opposed to secured credit cards.

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We have partnered with Student Choice to help finance your education. Next steps will direct you to a marketplace site where other top national credit unions will offer you rates and terms based on your estimated FICO. You can then select which one works best for you and complete the application. It’s that easy to get the best rate from another trusted not-for-profit credit union…Let’s go!

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