How to make a payment from another financial institution?

With online banking you can set up external transfers while within online banking. Sign into online banking and select “Add External Accounts” in the left navigation. Follow the instructions on the screen to set up the link between our online banking and your other financial institution.

external accounts

Part of the process will be to verify micro-transactions sent to the external account you indicated to ensure the connection is secure and successful. After you have successfully finished verifying you will be able to transfer money to make your loan payment from within Online Banking.

Do you offer Debt Consolidation Loans?

Strata CU does offer loans for our members to consolidate bills and pay off other debts.  There are several options available to most members.  This may include personal loans, credit card balance transfers, home equity loans/lines, or even a first mortgage.

If you would like to discuss options before applying, simply call a Member Representative at (661) 327-9461.  They are trained to assess your personal situation and decide what loan type fits best.

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We have partnered with Student Choice to help finance your education. Next steps will direct you to a marketplace site where other top national credit unions will offer you rates and terms based on your estimated FICO. You can then select which one works best for you and complete the application. It’s that easy to get the best rate from another trusted not-for-profit credit union…Let’s go!

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