Can I use my debit card while traveling internationally?

You may use your Strata Credit Union MasterCard Debit Card or Credit Card worldwide.  Please call us before you leave to place a “Travel Notification” on your card for better security and reduce the chances of your card being restricted or blocked.  Never rely solely on one card for your needs. Transactions in foreign currencies will convert to US dollars on the date they post to your account.  Credit card transactions are subject to a 1% foreign transaction fee.

You may call our Card Department at 314-542-7111 if your card stops working or is lost or stolen.

How do I sign up for online banking?

You can sign up for online banking on the home page of our website. Just click on “First Time Login” and we will guide you through it. Or click here to set up your online banking account.

Take your time back and log on to any computer to manage your accounts. Online banking lets you check account balances, review past transactions, transfer funds between accounts, and more.

Use Online Bill Pay to pay bills electronically, and save time and money. You can also set up alerts, reminders, and recurring payments to avoid getting a late payment fee.

  • Manage your accounts from your computer
  • Easy to enroll and navigate
  • View account balances
  • Review recent transactions
  • Make loan payments
  • Save time and money with Bill Pay
  • Set up alerts and reminders
  • Set up recurring payments

Register for online banking today!

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