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Need a Laptop, Computer or Tablet for school?

0% APR* Financing
No Money Down!**
Get up to $1000 for a new computer, laptop or tablet with Strata Credit Union’s 0% APR* Computer Loan

Buying a Home Incentive

If you are looking to buy your first home or are just interested in the process, this incentive is just for you. Complete two qualifiers and recieve a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

1) Complete the Home Buying Playlist on our Financial Education Platform (Strata-Fi). Be sure to register before you begin or we won’t be able to track your process. Get Started on the Playlist Today!

2) Meet with one of our Mortgage officers to what your options are for buying a home. After you complete the playlist schedule your appointment online.

Details and Disclosures

Start using new Online Banking features Today

Beginning May 20th two new features are being added to online banking. With the mass card reissue for your debit cards just around the corner we wanted to give you the tools to ease the transition of updating your card information with digital services.

Tool #1: Card Swap

Use this to update your digital service payment information all from within online banking. Update Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or more.

Tool #2: PriorityPay

It’s Bill Pay, but better. Now you will have the ability to pay many of your bills within online banking AND they will be paid the same day. No need to wait for our systems to write a check to who you owe money to. The payment is posted in real time. No need to manage your payment information on multiple websites. Manage it in one place.

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